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Our next PCC event will be July 19, 2018.
We welcome a presentation from the U.S. Postal Inspectors
followed by our popular annual General Mail Facility Tour,
a free two-in-one event!

If you haven’t had a chance to peek behind the curtain at a U.S.P.S. mail sorting facility and watched the letter mail, flats, or packages move through the machinery, this is your chance!

*Due to safety considerations, wheel chairs, canes, and walkers are not allowed in the mail processing area, and will not be allowed on the tour.*

Also, please note that to protect feet from accidental injury,shoes worn on the workroom floor must be fully enclosed at the heel, toe and sides, fully cover the top of the foot, and be made of leather or a substantial synthetic material. Shoes made of canvas or nylon are not acceptable. To avoid slips, trips and falls, heels should not be more than 1 and ½ inches high. Spiked heels, regardless of height, and steel tapped heels may not be worn on the workroom floor.

Wichita General Mail Facility, West Parking lot
7117 W Harry St, Wichita KS
1:30p-2:00p Check in and breakfast
2:00p-3:00p Postal Inspector Presentation
3:00p-4:00p General Mail Facility Tour
For Reservations:
By phone or email
Patricia Aguilera, patricia.a.aguilera@usps.gov (316) 946-4528

Or reserve your spot online:

Name of person attending:


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