Wichita Postal Customer Council Past Events

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Thanks to everyone who attended our PCC Week event on September 19.

April 2013 PCC Roundtable Event

The April Roundtable Event covered a variety of topics in small group, question-and-answer style short sessions that covered mailpiece effectiveness, bulk mail acceptance requirements, and tips for running a professional mailroom, We had a great time presenting it at Corporate Caterers and hope you came out to see us.
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January 2013 PCC Event

At our January PCC meeting we learned more about the new rates and other helpful topics such as promotions, mobile barcodes, the new rates that went into effect for the U.S. Postal Service on January 27th, and information on the Intelligent Mail Barcode that replaced the Postnet Barcode on January 28th. Thanks to David Banowetz of Postal Presort and Lori Luginbill of the USPS for presenting on these topics.

Event photos from our Bi-Annual Expo this past October 2012

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